A Birmingham tech entrepreneur is launching a crowdfunding campaign for a new platform which aims to simplify services in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Called Superbutler, the website digitises typical services customers might want while staying at a hotel such as ordering meals, booking spa treatments, taxis and table reservations and submitting requests for things like laundry and meeting rooms.

It can also register customer complaints or other issues and give hotel managers data insights into a business' operations in real time such as tracking orders while also providing feedback to guests.


Users will not be required to install an app or go through a lengthy registration process and the system works on mobile phones in several different languages.

Superbutler said the aim was to allow hotels to provide personalised experiences for their guests.

After six months of due diligence, the company is now set to launch on the Seedrs crowdfunding platform with the aim of raising between £350,000 and £500,000.

It is initially targeting around 1,000 hotels in London with plans to expand the service to venues in the Midlands in the future.

Superbutler is the brainchild of Waqar Shah who studied computer science at the University of Birmingham and later became a BT software engineer.

He also launched the Birmingham-based food ordering website and app Supermeal in 2015.

Mr Shah told BusinessLive: "As we disrupt the hospitality sector, my vision is crystal clear. I see Superbutler becoming an integral part of every hotel, cruise ship and golf course.

"With our technology, we are not just innovating hotels, we are shaping the future of hospitality.

"We have received a very positive response from early adopters like Ramada Hotel which has successfully tested our platform and have become great supporters and advocates.

"Its endorsement is evidence that Superbutler is going to revolutionise the global hotel industry and elevate the overall guest experience."